Mystic Pure Ayurveda Tea Tree Anti Acne and Skin Purifying Face Wash with Tea tree, Neem, Tulsi, Amla & Rose- 100ML

Mystic Pure Ayurveda Tea Tree Anti Acne and Skin Purifying Face Wash with Tea tree, Neem, Tulsi, Amla & Rose- 100ML



1. Helps Reduce Acne & Scars: It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which helps in reducing acne, redness, blemishes and scars and provides smooth and hydrating skin.
2. Provides Moisture to the Skin: The soothing and hydrating properties of aloe vera and lavender help provide moisture to the skin and keep it soft and supple.
3. Improve Skin Elasticity : Mystic lavender face wash contains highly antioxidants that can help tackle free radicals and provides anti- aging benefits like improving the skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles etc.

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Product Description

Mystic Pure Ayurveda Tea Tree Face Wash

Mystic Pure Ayurveda Tea Tree Face Wash is based on ayurvedic formulation which is includes 9 most precious herbs. This face wash is curated with natural ingredients and herbs which deeply cleanses the skin and removes excess oil. It has vitamin C, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties filled in the face wash which helps treat acne, pimples and boils. It helps unclog pores and purify the skin leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed.


Prevents Acne and Pimples

This face wash is formulated with tea tree oil, neem and tulsi which has antibacterial properties, which helps to fight acne-causing bacteria, treatment and prevention of acne.

Deeply Cleanses the Skin

Our Tea Tree Face Wash helps to clean excess dirt and impurities from your skin. It removes excess oil from your skin and gives you clean and oil free skin.

Removes Dark Spots

The anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial properties in various ingredients in this face wash helps in removing dark spots and redness. Vitamin C in amla also helps with dark spots, acne and redness.

Provides Deep Hydration

It hydrates the skin and balances out the moisture levels. Khas khas is a great moisturizer and it provides deep nourishment and hydration.


Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is very popular for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It proves useful in dealing with acne and related issues, it also helps to soothe redness, swelling and inflammation. It can also help prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smoother, clearer skin.


Tulsi is aromatic and purifying herb which is highly rich in antioxidants. it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. It clears out pores and helps to get rid acne and its related causes. It fights free radicals and helps in rejuvenating the skin and helps in cell regeneration giving it a youthful glow.


Amla is powerhouse of natural vitamin c and antioxidant, which protects you against the harmful effects of free radicals. It helps in slowing down the aging process and helps increase the production of collagen level in your skin. This will make your skin look soft and youthful. Vitamin C helps to get rid of acne and black spots.

Daru Haldi

Haldi helps in managing acne by preventing the growth of acne causing bacteria and reducing inflammation due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It help to reduce the acne, dark circles, fine lines, and other skin blemishes. It has rejuvenating properties so you get smooth and youthful skin.



Take a small quantity of Mystic Tea Tree Face Wash and apply it all over damp face.


Gently massage the product on your face in circular motion.


Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 cm