7 Ways to Feel Happiness & Inner Peace

7 Ways to Feel Happiness & Inner Peace

Let us see some ways to feel happiness and inner peace. “Happiness and Inner Peace is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions”.

Happiness and Inner Peace :

When we are talking about happiness, we are talking about the happiness that you feel from inside, if you think about it, there are very few occasions when we will be happy because most of the time, we are thinking about our past, or we are thinking about our future, and we make ourselves worse today.

We do not realize our small happiness, because our mind is not calm, because our mind is wandering like a pendulum, sometimes in the past, sometimes in the future. If we really want to be happy from  inside, then we have to first calm our mind, we know about some points below that will help to calm your mind.

Ways to Find Happiness & Inner Peace:

1. Live in the present

Live in the present to get happiness

Past experiences, good or bad, are our greatest teachers. In fact, it is our only teacher. Breaking up on the events of the past and worrying about the future fills our minds with toxic waste, but it is a useless pastime and reduces our mental strength.

We cannot change what has happened and it is futile to think about what has not happened. The moment we are living is the most important that matters how we develop and refine our mind in this time, it determines our success, fulfillment and happiness in life.

2. Stop judging

Stop judging

Once we stop judging people, situations and circumstances as good or bad, positive or negative, we can simply and passively experience them, learn from them, grow through them and become stronger, mentally and physically, which helps in getting happiness and inner peace.

3. Make better decisions

Make better decisions

During every waking moment we have a choice, either stand back and quietly contemplate how to react appropriately to any given situation or to allow our lower instincts; our robotic, mechanistic instincts, to take over, without any thought or concern for the consequences of our actions.

We always have the power to determine which attitude to adopt – we can either look at any negative or stressful situation as a crisis, a nightmare, a seemingly insurmountable problem or as simply an opportunity to learn and grow; it all depends on our chosen interpretation of the situation. 

4. Think positively

Think positively

A weak mind leads to weak thoughts and actions. However, a strong and positive mind ensures success in the outer world and becomes a true measure of our success in cultivating inner peace and harmony. 

Everything in life is first created in the mind and then in our outer reality. If we take responsibility for our own thoughts, turning negative into positive, the world around us responds in a positive way. Inner peace and happiness is always rewarded with a delightful outer experience. 

5. Keep a calm mind

Keep a calm mind

Our minds have immeasurable power and can literally materialize anything we desire so long as we remain patiently focused on what it is we wish to have. Thus, we need to discover, through relaxed contemplation, what it is we truly want from our lives and then we must direct all of our attention towards it. If we can direct our intention and attention to our innermost desires, in a relaxed and concentrated manner, they will begin to manifest with ease. 

6. Write down your thoughts/ goals

Write down your thoughts/ goals

The way we see and believe life will unfold, is the way it will unfold for us, so we must practice the art of ‘seeing in our minds eye’ the way we wish to have these situations and events unfold. If we cannot see the target we will never be able to hit it; we need to form a clear mental image of the outcome and the clearer the mental image the more effective will be the outcome.

By writing our goals, we bring them to life through the task of putting them on paper. The act allows for clarity of purpose, and we then consciously and subconsciously begin to notice or look for opportunities that allow them to flourish.

7. Eating Healthy keeps Mind Healthy

Eating Healthy keeps Mind Healthy

For the mind to be stilled easily the body needs to be healthy and this means good, wholesome fuel in terms of food and drink. The more fresh and natural our food the more energy our body has at its disposal; we are no more than the fuel (food) we put into ourselves. If our food is poor, our body and mind are weak. If our mind and body are weak our thoughts are also weak.

If our thoughts are weak our choices become poor, weak and confused. Weak choices lead to poor decisions and consequently to poor, ineffective actions. Poor, ineffective actions do not achieve success and we end up tired, stressed, unfulfilled and unhappy. Therefore, the foundation of our existence is the food we choose to eat and the lifestyle we chose to lead.  The choices we make in this area ultimately determine our success or failure in life. If we choose to eat meat we dull our mind, as meat is a heavy food and hard for the body to digest.

The digestive system uses most energy, and if it has to digest heavy foods, it leaves very little energy for our mental faculties. It also builds up heat in the mind and body, leading to anger and violence and also to inflammatory conditions such as gout and arthritis. However, eating fresh organic fruit, vegetables grains and pulses create energy, ojas and vitality – these types of food increase our prana or life energy and help us ward of stress, old age and diseases. 

Key points to feel Inner peace and happiness:

  • Try to live in the present, enjoying and savoring each precious moment. Accept what has been, what is and what may be, and enjoy each moment – it comes only once. 
  • Trust in nature and have faith that the future will work out fine when unhindered by stress and negative thought patterns. 
  • Use positive language in verbal and mental communication with yourself and others. Try not to use words such as, I can’t, I should and I need and replace them with words such as; I can, I will, I must or I choose. These words have more power of conviction and are more likely to be acted upon.
  • Boost your confidence, self-worth and self-esteem by listing all the things you like about yourself, the things that make you unique and all the things you are good at. Remember that it is only through self-confidence, happiness and inner harmony that you may pass joy and happiness to those around you. 
  • Love and peace can only spread through the world, affecting each and every living thing when we are happy and loving within ourselves.

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