Giloy: 10 Amazing Health Benefits & Side Effects

Giloy: 10 Amazing Health Benefits & Side Effects

Let’s know what benefits you get from giloy, an ancient herb that help manage many diseases and keeps you healthy. Also, learn some of the side effects before using this herb.

What is Giloy?

Giloy is a very wonderful vine, its leaves are heart-shaped and green in color. Its scientific name is ‘Tinospora cordifolia’, it is also known as Guduchi. This is its Sanskrit name. It means “to protect the body from disease” and in Ayurveda it is also known as “the nectar of life”, a plant that can extend your life. In Indian mythology, it is believed that a few drops of nectar released during the churning of the ocean fell on the earth and the plant grew.

This plant is mainly found in the Indian subcontinent and China. Giloy’s plant climbs up to 300 meters. Its leaves are membranous and umbilical cord. The flowers are small and yellow or greenish yellow. Its male flowers are tufted and the female flowers are usually solitary. It tastes bitter and astringent.

Today’s modern medical system and many studies of Ayurveda confirm that Guduchi plays a very miraculous and useful role in the treatment of many diseases. In Ayurvedic medicine, Guduchi has been used for many years as a blood cleanser, to eliminate toxins, increase appetite, as aphrodisiac, reduce skin disorders, aid digestion and increase strength.

Giloy medicinal properties:

Giloy Health benefits:

1. Strengthens our immunity

Giloy Strengthens our immunity

Giloy is a herb that has antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. It works to detox our body and helps to flush out toxins from our body through feces, urine.

Taking Giloy also clears blood, which also keeps liver related diseases away. It also has antipyretic properties so it helps in treating fever and diseases like dengue and chikungunya. In this way, it also strengthens our immunity by protecting our body from many diseases.

2. Anti-anxiety


Giloy is a herb that can also be used as anti-stress and anti-anxiety because it has the ability to promote adaptogen.

Adaptogen is a hormone that helps calm the brain and reduce muscle tension. So we can include Giloy as a juice or tonic in our routine, because it is very helpful in keeping our mind calm as well as enhancing our memory.

3. Arthritis and joint pain

Arthritis and joint pain

Today, many people over the age of 50 suffer from arthritis and joint pain is a major disease. This is not only very painful and at times it also restricts movement.

Giloy can act as a boon in this disease because it has anti-orthotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also works very effectively in arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by autoimmune disease. It may help repair the immune system and reduce joint swelling and pain.

4. Control Diabetes

Control Diabetes

Giloy stem is widely used in the treatment of diabetes in Ayurveda.

Type 2 diabetes disease can be controlled to a large extent by consuming giloy juice regularly, because it has anti-diabetic properties and it helps in reducing oxidative stress and promoting the secretion of insulin.

5. Treating Chronic Fever

Treating Chronic Fever

Giloy has antipyretic properties, so by its use, you can avoid dangerous diseases like flu, jaundice and dengue.

It promotes blood platelets count and helps a lot in treating dengue fever. It helps to boost your immunity to fight against the infection and also helps in early recovery.

6. Beneficial for Asthma

Beneficial for Asthma

Nowadays, due to pollution, the number of asthma and asthma patients is increasing rapidly.

Consuming Giloy can prove to be very beneficial for asthma patients as it eliminates chest tightness by cutting the phlegm, which provides relief in wheezing and respiratory problems.

7. Improve sexual desire

Improve sexual desire

Guduchi has aphrodisiac properties that work to increase your sexual desire. So if you also want to improve your sex life then start drinking giloy juice daily.

It can effectively tackle various sexual health issues such as impotence and involuntary ejaculation. But, don’t consume it in larger quantities and talk to an expert before doing so.

8. Anti-aging properties

Anti aging properties

In today’s selfie time, everyone wants to look young, but with age, wrinkles and fine lines start forming on the face.

If you are also worried about your age, start drinking giloy juice daily, as it has anti-aging properties. It detoxes your body and keeps the skin healthy and young and helps in removing dark spots, wrinkles, pimples and fine lines.

9. Makes digestion strong

Makes digestion strong

Giloy is very effective in any problems related to the digestive system and stomach.

It makes digestion strong and helps in reducing digestion related problems like indigestion, gas, hypertension and flatulence. Taking Guduchi and Amla juice together daily is very beneficial.

10. Reduce the risk of cancer

Reduce the risk of cancer

Consumption of Giloy can reduce the risk of disease such as cancer.

Rutin and quercetin present in Giloy inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It has anti-tumor properties. It can also reduce some of the negative side effects of radiation.

Giloy (Guduchi) side effects you must know:

  • Guduchi is a herb, so it does not have such side effects, but its intake in large amounts or under certain medical conditions may prove harmful.
  • Guduchi is used for the treatment of diseases such as blood sugar, but if you have this disease, you should consult your doctor before using this. Because Guduchi can significantly lower blood sugar levels, you may have to face low blood sugar problems.
  • Women should not consume Guduchi during pregnancy or breastfeeding because it can have negative effects.
  • Consumption of Guduchi should be avoided for a few weeks before or after surgery, because Guduchi intake affects blood sugar, which can cause problems.
  • Guduchi is used to strengthen the immune system, but using it in large quantities for a long time can stimulate the immune system. As a result of which there is an increased risk of autoimmune disorder related diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis. People who suffer from autoimmune disorders should consult a doctor before taking giloy.

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