14 Amazing Health Benefits of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

14 Amazing Health Benefits of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Learn the 14 amazing health benefits of Tulsi along with its importance and various types.

Importance of Tulsi, Type of Tulsi, Benefits of Tulsi:


Tulsi means sacred and divine and it is also very much recognized in Hinduism. Planting Tulsi tree in our homes has been a very old belief of Hindus. Each part of the basil plant is considered sacred and revered, including flowers, leaves, seeds, oil, roots and stems. Tulsi is called “Mother Nature’s Mother” and “Queen of Herbs” in Ayurveda treatment system. It is also called the “Nectar of life” due to its medicinal and spiritual properties.

Tulsi is the best example of Ayurveda’s approach to holistic lifestyle for health. The benefits of tulsi has been used to treat many diseases in Ayurveda since time immemorial and now on also in modern science. New research also confirms the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge.

Tulsi is a satvik and amazing herb. You can add holy basil to your lifestyle in a very easy and simple way and take advantage of benefits of tulsi it provides. Tulsi (Holy basil) has the ability to increase ojas and prana. Ojas is one of the very nebulous but important principles in ayurveda. Many of advantages of ojas are directly related to the immune system.

Types of Tulsi:

Benefits of Tulsi

1. Rama Tulsi

Ram Tulsi is considered as a pillar of India due to its medicinal compounds. It is also known for its coolness, blower taste. A strong aroma comes from all parts of the plant. Ram Tulsi has a distinct scent. Crushing its leaves gives a strong aroma compared to other varieties of basil.

2. Shyama Tulsi

Also known as ‘Krishna Tulsi’. Its leaves are purple in color and the stems are dark colored, it is known for its pungent taste. Shyama Tulsi is considered beneficial for throat, nose, ear infections and skin. Shyama Tulsi is also used for the treatment of respiratory diseases.

3. Vana Tulsi

Vana tulsi is found in the Himalayas in India as well as in the plains, Sri Lanka and in the eastern and northern parts of Africa. vana basil has antiseptic properties, which protects against bacterial infection and strengthens the immune system. Vana Tulsi helps in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels normal.

4. Kapoor Tulsi

Kapoor Tulsi is a small, annual, heavily flowering plant that was originally introduced in America as “holy basil”. Kapoor basil has anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, immune enhancing, anti-fungal, anti-allergic and anti-diabetic properties.

Medicinal Uses:

Tulsi has been known for centuries of great medicinal properties. Tulsi (Queen of herbs) is known for its remarkable healing properties and for numerous benefits of tulsi for your health.

Basil is used as a treatment for stress, anxiety, immunity boosters, arthritis, cough, infections, asthma, eye diseases, painkillers, flu, fever, dysentery, indigestion, heart problem and genital disorders, back pain, skin diseases etc. Research work is ongoing to discover more medicinal properties of basil.

Other Uses:

Apart from the health and medicinal benefits of tulsi, even tulsi wood is also considered very sacred and revered, so some people wear a garland made of Tulsi. It not only has medicinal properties, in addition tulsi also has the property of reducing the negative effects. In India, along with the benefits of tulsi, the importance of tulsi garland is considered to be similar to the precious gemstone.

Health Benefits of Tulsi (Holy basil):

1. Improves Immunity

Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) is one of the miraculous herbs with medicinal properties. The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and analgesics present in basil boost your immunity system and protect you from many viral and fungal infections and flu. You can also strengthen your immune system by including a few leaves of Tulsi in your daily life.

2. Improves Respiratory System

Basil has antiseptic and anti allergic properties, as well as compounds such as Cineol, eugenol, and caffeine. Hence basil is very effective in diseases like respiratory, viral, fungal infections and bacterial diseases and systemic. It can be helpful in treating various respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis.

3. Stress Buster

Basil can help in managing diseases like depression and anxiety. Basil stimulates neurotransmitters. And this neurotransmitter regulates hormones like happiness and energy. To remove the negative energy of the house in India, tulsi plant has been planted in the house for centuries. You can also control your stress by eating 4 to 5 leaves of basil or basil tea, it also helps in reducing stress and providing energy.

4. Anti-Aging

Basil is a good source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition it contains vitamin C, A and phytochemicals eugenol. It protects the skin from free radical damage, which protects the elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles. It also keeps your skin healthy and youthful.

5. Relieves Arthritis

Tulsi is understood to possess anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants which aid in relieving joint pain and inflammation of any kind. It are often a blessing for people with arthritis. All you would like may be a cup of tulsi tea or tulsi oil to use.

6. Keeps Heart Healthy

Tulsi contains eugenol, vitamin A, C and antioxidants, which prove useful in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Basil protects us from the harmful effects of free radicals and basil is also used for prevention of heart diseases due to suppressing stroke, reducing high blood pressure.

7. Treats Kidney Stones

Tulsi works as a detoxification agent, which helps in reducing the acid levels within the body. The ethanoic acid present in basil helps in the breakdown of stones.

8. Helps to Reduce weight

Tulsi is also known as the “Queen of herbs” because of its medicinal and spiritual properties. Tulsi works as a tonic for body, mind and soul. Tulsi can also prove to be very useful in reducing weight with many health benefits. By consuming Tulsi in warm water in the morning, it increases your metabolism, detoxes the body and improves the fat burning process. Tulsi lowers sugar levels and also helps in properly absorbing essential nutrients from food which helps in reducing weight.


Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) has immune boosting and antibacterial properties. There is a chronic material for the treatment of fever. It is one of the major ingredients for the manufacture of various Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies.

10. Fights Acne

Holy basil helps kill bacteria and infections. The first active compound of holy basil oil is eugenol which helps fight skin related disorders. Ocimum Sanctum helps treat skin infections both internally and externally.

11. Rich Source of vitamin K

Vitamin K is abundant in Tulsi and is an important vitamin that plays an important role in bone health and cardiovascular health. But its excessive intake can cause problems like blood clotting.

12. Eye Health

Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Those that promote eye health, it reduces eye inflammation and stress.

13. Oral Health

The pungent taste and strong odor of Tulsi can serve as a natural mouth freshener and an oral disinfectant. Tulsi is used in herbal mouth fresheners coming in the market. Ocimum Sanctum found in Tulsi can also cure mouth ulcers. Tulsi also destroys bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay, bad odor and gums pain.

14. Relieves Headaches

Basil also has muscle relaxant properties that help relieve tight muscles and tension and headaches caused by headaches. It can also relieve the pain of migraine.

How to Use Tulsi (holy basil) in Right Way:

In Ayurveda, one of the very nice benefits of tulsi is to consume it on an empty stomach daily. By consuming basil leaves, you can increase your immunity by avoiding seasonal flu and viruses.

  • Chewing 4 to 5 basil leaves daily on an empty stomach in the morning proves very beneficial for health, it keeps blood pressure under control and also reduces stress. Increases your immunity and purifies your  blood.
  • Tulsi can also be mixed with honey and turmeric, which stimulates digestion by stimulating blood flow.
  • Boil 10 to 12 basil leaves and some ground ginger. Then at normal temperature, add 2 teaspoons of honey and drink it, this strengthens your immunity.
  • You can use basil as leaves or its powder or as a capsule.

These are the amazing health benefits of tulsi which is used to treat many diseases in Ayurveda. So, it is recommended to include tulsi in your daily life to reap these amazing benefits of tulsi.

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